Big News!

Kevin is going to Japan! He’s leaving sometime in the next week or so and will be gone over a month. I don’t know yet if he’ll be gone on his birthday.

He’s been sitting around in the states waiting to complete the last of his training and its been backed up because the equipment that he’s supposed to be training on keeps breaking down. So instead they decided to send him to Japan to finish up.

He’s pretty excited because he loves to travel. Keep him in your prayers for safe travel and a great life experience. He’s not sure if he’ll have access to email, but is hoping to. If you want to write him, you should do it in the next day or so before he goes.

3 thoughts on “

  1. It’s a little too short of notice for us to go visit, but if he ends up there longer, I definitely want to. Amy, you guys should start working on passports now, just so you have them in case you decide to go somewhere.I told him to take lots of pictures, so hopefully he’ll blog when he gets back. He said his camera has sand in it from his last trip to the dunes, so he needs to get a new one.


  2. Wow! Waaay cool!So excited for him… and perfect timing. He seems ready for some adventure… for a change.Man, I sure hope he has a way to blog about the whole experience!


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