Randy Thompson Christmas Concert

So, I’m way behind on my posting…not sure where I’ve been…catching up after my event, I guess. We still don’t have Christmas decorations up. Hoping to do that this weekend. We’ll also celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on Sunday. More on that later…

I still need to go back and post from Katie and Ivan’s wedding because there are some priceless pics from that one, but I haven’t had a chance to go thru them yet. Today, I’ll post about Randy Thompson’s Christmas Concert. Last Saturday, our dear friends, Randy & Linda Thompson and their family, plus some other friends, performed an awesome concert to usher in the holidays. I love this night and I hope it continues for many years. I know it’s hard on their family, so we’ll understand (but be sad) if they decide to stop, because it’s such a blessing to everyone who participates and those who comes to hear. We would really miss it! I’m thankful that Terry has had a chance to participate and I’ve had a chance to attend them for the last few years after missing the first 10 years or so of concerts, since we were living in California.

I’ve posted a few pics here, but the rest of my favorites are at Picasa here Take a look and enjoy! Too bad I don’t have a recording of the music. That would make it even more like you were there!

Oh, I also came across those great little gold wire trees at Crate & Barrel last year and I was excited to see that they have them again this year. They have some great prices on some of their holiday ornaments and knick knacks. These can be used as place card holders, but I used them as a little thank you to our staff for the work they did on our last event, along with a few other goodies.

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