Getaway weekend:
As you may remember, we just returned from the Leadership Catalyst Getaway at Bo’s Cafe weekend. It’s a 4-day marriage retreat that’s hosted by LCI twice a year and I get the privilege of helping with the planning.

The first two photos give an idea of what the meeting room looked like. Check out the cool surfboards! It’s hard to really get the feel for the place without being there.
This time it was in Carlsbad, California at the Four Seasons Aviara resort and each time we host the event, we get very positive feedback from the couples that are there. The teaching is amazing (I don’t teach, so I can say that.) and we have so much fun creating the atmosphere of a casual beach cafe called “Bo’s Cafe”, a safe and comfortable place to be. It’s a lot of work, but worth every minute of it. And the cool part is that we even get some time to relax in the middle of the weekend. That really helps me to recharge for the rest of the event.

For this trip the support team was privileged to stay some of the time at the beach house of a dear friend, Lee and his wife, Sandy. It’s a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming home, perfect for a casual group like ours. Unfortunately, Sandy was out of town, but Lee came down and hung out with us for a while on Friday night. (I’ve known Lee since we were both in high school many years ago, but somehow he doesn’t look any older. How did he do that?) What a treat to be able to catch up a little on his family and life. He also sat in with the guys while they were practicing for their performance the next night. They did a bunch of oldies, Beatles, etc. They all had a blast playing and singing the old tunes. The photo of the 3 guys with guitars is left to right, Rand, Lee and Randy. The other one is Terry with his mandolin.

I’ve included some other favorite photos too…

Can you tell that Linda was having a good time? Great smile, huh? Check out her blog for more photos and stories from the trip.

Check out the amazing dessert that Rand & Michelle made for us! It was puff pastry with little Snicker’s bars inside, then drizzled with chocolate & caramel. Wow!

Michelle’s stocking feet and the coffee mug just looked so cute together, and were the perfect picture of our relaxation at the beach house. See how the colors match perfectly?

And what’s better than dinner with friends; homemade soups and stew, fresh rosemary bread and that delicious dessert! Mmmmmarvelous! I love that I can use my remote control on my camera to get a picture with all of us once in a while.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends that are humble servants who give of their time, talents, gifts and resources to minister to others. We’re honored to call them our friends.

To top it off God provided a gorgeous Del Mar sunset with surfers and all.

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