Another crazy busy weekend…

Terry was out of town and I crammed way too much into the time. I really didn’t have much time to rest, but did have some fun with lots of friends and family.

Here’s a quick recap:

Friday night:
Dropped Terry off at the airport
Stopped by Ikea to pick up a couple of things for our upcoming Catalyst event.
Then attended and took pictures at opening night of our friend Jenna Thrush’s show, “Annie”. Jenna played Miss Hannigan and did an awesome job in acting and singing. It brought back memories of when Kevin played Daddy Warbucks in elementary school. What fun!

I also went with Jenna & Julie to Baskin Robbins for the cast get-together, then back to the house to look at photos of the play.

Took my car to be detailed since it was absolutely filthy inside and out…that’s a story for another day.
While it was being cleaned I killed time shopping at the mall.
I was supposed to pick up my car between 12 + 1 pm but my watch stopped around 12:30. It didn’t register that it had stopped until after 1:20 pm and I had a hair appointment across town at 1:45. I raced over there and she was still able to fit me in, then I left the appointment to find out that the 50 th birthday party I was to attend that night started at 6 pm instead of 7, like I thought.

Ah well, more hurrying…fortunately after postponing a small task that I had hoped to accomplish, we got there on time and I enjoyed being the volunteer photographer for the evening. It was a great time and Debbie’s daughters did an amazing job putting the yard and food and everything together. I was very impressed. These photos capture just a little bit of the atmosphere of the evening. They are a fun group and we’re happy to be getting to know them. This is the birthday girl, Debbie, her husband and daughters at the toast.

The next photo wasn’t taken by me (since I’m in it). The birthday girl is on the left and the others are all dear friends from our home group.

Well, as you can imagine, I got home and fell into bed.

Met some of our friends from Tucson who came up to visit and brought some of their friends to attend Open Door Fellowship.

After church we enjoyed a great lunch together with Bernie & Kayelen as well. What a precious group they are.

Afterward I zipped over to the mall to meet my mom and sister to watch the movie, “Michael Clayton” with George Clooney. Pretty good show actually!

Well, now I’m off to pick up Terry from the airport and will again crash when I get home, only to get up for work in the morning… Today I need a weekend from my weekend, but how can I complain with all the fun I had!

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