Mosaic – Pieces of My Life So Far” by Amy Grant

I just finished Amy’ s new book and really loved it! Of course, being the sentimental gal that I am, I cried most of the way through it. I was reading it in the waiting room at the doctor’s office the other day and had to put it away because I kept crying and people were staring. I’m not ashamed of crying in the right setting, but somehow I just didn’t think these folks would get it. Besides, I knew that if I went into the exam room with my eyes all red, the doctor would ask me a bunch of questions.

Anyway, it’s not that the book is tragic or heart-breaking. As the title explains, it contains snippets of Amy’s life so far with the good and the bad…reflections on the lessons she’s learned and the blessings she’s received. I appreciate that she spends time sharing vulnerably about her life struggles, her losses, as well as her bouts with depression. I think what makes me cry is how she shares from the heart. There’s something about being let into the feelings of others that makes me emotional myself. I feel along with Amy. Her songs affect me the same way. So many of them express feelings, thoughts, dreams and struggles that I’ve felt myself and just don’t know how to explain as eloquently.

You see, Amy Grant and I have a lot in common. She’s close to the same age as me (just a few years my junior, although she looks a decade younger at least), she’s a wife and mother and became popular during the time that I was involved in singing Christian music myself. And actually our daughter Amy was named in honor of Amy Grant to some degree. Among other reasons, I chose the name of someone that I admired and found beauty in their life. There were two Amy’s that impressed me at the time we were choosing a name for our firstborn. Amy Grant and Amy Irving. I don’t really know much about the character of Amy Irving, but I knew that both women were beautiful and I loved the honesty that they portrayed in their respective crafts of acting and music. (I wonder if that’s why our Amy’s such a talented actress and singer…hmmm)

Now more about the book. Here are a few of my favorite parts…

I love the fact that Amy Grant likes James Taylor’s music (another thing we have in common).

And her story of going swimming off a yacht in the Mediterranean with First Lady Barbara Bush was so much fun! She doesn’t talk like she’s bragging, she just shares her own joy in having the privilege of sharing a private time with such special people.

Don’t miss the magical story about the deer on page 163-164. Sounds crazy, but it will make you realize that God sends angels in many forms to comfort us when we need it.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is one that I’ve been learning myself recently.
“We never really know what’s going on inside another person. It’s a good reason to be gentle.” Sometimes I’m so arrogant to think that I know what’s going on in someone else’s heart and mind only to find out that I was totally wrong. God, help me to have a sensitive heart like You do towards all.

I really appreciate Amy’s comments about children, faith, grace and the vibrant knowledge of active mercy. It sounds like she’s read TrueFaced (or maybe I should send her a copy). I think from her honest sharing in Mosaic that she’s moving into the Room of Grace and is learning to trust God and others with who she really is.

I definitely recommend reading Mosaic. To purchase a copy click here.

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  1. Hey Nancy, read the book this morning… really liked it. A very interesting way to tell pieces of her life… using the songs she wrote. Makes me want to start writing my story… but then I guess I am sorta doing that through my blog…


  2. Linda, thanks for sharing about Amy’s book. My Hubs and I went to see her in concert many years ago, just after she announced she was divorcing. She was so sad at that concert with Michael W. Smith, it just broke our hearts. I’m so glad to see the Lord has restored her and made her whole again. It’s wonderful she’s willing to write about and share her journey with us.Blessings!


  3. Hi there. I am new to this blogging but its interesting.Its amazing to me how one blog leads into another and you find all kinds of information.Thanks for the book report.I think that is a book I would really enjoy.


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