Fall Decorating in Arizona
Remember when I mentioned that I had found the perfect branch for my house? Well, this weekend I cleaned it up and varnished it and now it’s hanging in my living room. I thought it was appropriate that it have Fall leaves in October, so that’s what I did. The silk leaves are hanging from little clips on hooks that I bought at Ikea. I think their original purpose was for curtains.

I’m looking forward to doing lots of fun things with my branch. How about icicles and snowflakes in the winter, Christmas ornaments in December, Hearts at Valentines’ Day, Family photos at birthdays, etc. I’d love to hear other ideas as well.

Here’s a closer shot and a few other pics of fall decor. See, we have ways of making it seem like Fall in the desert even if it doesn’t really look like it outside.The Grandma Perkins sign is special because I found it pre-made at a craft store in Ohio (where I grew up) and my grandmother really had a pumpkin patch or more like a roadside fruit and vegetable stand. I remember one year she ran a special for all the pumpkins you could carry for $1. It was so funny to see all those big farm boys trying to carry as many as possible to the cashier without dropping them. Oh and her name really was Perkins! How cool is that!

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  2. Hi Nancy, Love the branch! Looks sooo real and festive!Our van is filled with fall decorations! Can’t wait to get home!We are in Tucumcari, New Mexico… Randy is still sleeping and I want to hit the road! We drove 17 hours straight yesterday, or I should say, HE did, so he was tired… I enjoyed every single minute. Such a gorgeous time of year everywhere.We’ll be home tonight (Wed.)!See you tomorrow night! My home will look a wreck… but it will be good to be with our home group.


  3. I am so excited to get to decorate my apartment for autumn… I love the branch!!! I went to the new super target that just opened down the street from my apartment and saw all their christmas decor. I can’t wait for that either… too bad hardly anyone visits my apartment to see the decorations, but it makes me feel homey!!


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