It’s been quite a busy week!
On Thursday we went to the Diamondbacks vs Cubs Playoff game with Andy & Julie and watched the Dbacks win the 2nd of their 3 games to sweep the series! It was a dark & stormy night…well, we had a few drips come down, but I caught a full rainbow on the way home from work before the game! The photo at the end of the post is the downtown sky before the game.

This photo of Terry, Andy & Julie gives just a glimpse into the fun we had together.

Check this out. Tony Clark uses a verse as part of his signature: Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Cool huh? This was up on the huge scoreboard for all to see.
And here’s a photo of a die-hard Cubs fan. There were a huge number of Cubs fan there. Did you know that they have now gone 100 years without winning a title? How sad is that! Still after 99 years, this fan still had some hope. His shirt says “It’s Gonna Happen!” this had to be a heartbreaking week for all Cubs fans. I guess that’s the reason for the beer in his hand…

On Friday Catalyst had a staff and spouse dinner with a few honored guests. It was a gorgeous night! A little too “breezy” at times, but we were thrilled with the cooler temps so we put up with the candles being blown out once in a while. Grace made an awesome Beef Bourguignon and Debbie made homebaked Apple Crisp…mmm delicious!

Saturday night Terry played mandolin with our friend, Bob Ryan at his CD post-release party. What a fun time! Check out Bob’s website and buy his CD. His songs are also on iTunes. And his MySpace is quite informative, interesting and entertaining! FYI, Terry didn’t play on the CD. Bob played both guitar and mandolin (I think), but couldn’t quite manage that when playing live. It was another fun night for all.

Today Terry played bass at church, but I got to sleep in some. The combination of getting ready for the staff dinner, hosting our home group this coming Thursday and the cooler temperatures have motivated me to work on getting out all my Fall decorations. I did a lot of that this weekend, but still more to go. Maybe I’ll post a few pics later… we’ll see…

Have a great week. I’ll be posting my “Mosaic” review in the coming days so check back again.

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  1. Great post Nancy! Great pics!You had a busy weekend!We are having the BEST time! I finally posted some pics this morning! More to come!Miss you all so much… but don’t want to leave this place. But we will… cuz I could not handle the cold!


  2. quite jealous at your going to the game. the lovely picture of the downtown night sky, though, brings me near enough to phx and chase field to pacify me, i suppose. once again, we benefit from you gift for photography (such as all those pictures from sedona a few posts back).


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