Our wonderful daughter, Amy has been scanning and scanning slides and old photos lately…

…(by the way, Amy if you want to start taking our boxes of photos and/or negatives, they’re ready anytime).

She just gave me all the old Hann photos from Terry’s childhood that she’s been posting highlights about over the last month or so, plus she gave me some old ones of Terry’s and mine from 4th grade (for me) and beyond. I’m trying to go through them and label the ones that she wasn’t able to identify and it’s so fun to look at all these old photos. I’m also sending individual ones to old friends here and there as I come across them. So, if you’ve known us for a long time, you may get a photo or two from us in the coming days or weeks.

I came across this one of Terry (in Colorado, I think) in AUGUST 1978. We had been married about 9 months. First of all, I love that it was snowing in August. Second, I think it looks like an album cover, doesn’t it? Pretty fun!

This one of me is puzzling. The tag says its 1980, but I don’t have a wedding ring on and I always wore my ring (except maybe a few months when I was pregnant, because it didn’t fit). The only thing I can think of is that it’s a reverse image and we’re looking at my right hand…or maybe the date is wrong…hmmmm.

These ones of us with the kids are hilarious!

The first one was taken in Sedona when we went up with the Haugens and Thrushes. Lots of great stories from that trip. Look at how big Kevin was compared to Amy and they were 2 years apart. He was a big boy, but Amy still loved to hold him and play with him and love on him!

The other two were in Del Mar in 1984 when we went over for the Olympics. One of the few seasons when Terry didn’t have a beard.

Isn’t it amazing the expressions and actions we can catch our kids doing? Kevin was a comedian from the get-go. Be sure to click to enlarge . What precious memories…they make me laugh out loud.

I imagine I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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  1. What fun pics!!And thanks for those that you have emailed to us!They sure are treasures.When I get to my Mom & Dad’s next week, that is usually the first thing I do is to get out all the old photo albums. I LOVE old photos! I will sit for hours and savor every memory that was captured on film.


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