Autumn in Sedona – nearly perfection!

Here are some highlights from our trip to Sedona this weekend. While it was too early in the season to catch the fall colors, there were a few hints that it was on the way.

We drove down Oak Creek Canyon on Saturday and picked up some amazingly delicious Macintosh apples and fresh squeezed apple cider. There’s just nothing like the fresh stuff. It tastes like someone’s squeezing it fresh from the apple right into your mouth. Mmmmmm, absolutely scrumptious!

Early in the day we took a hike down the Brins Mesa Trail in Sedona. It was a really nice hike. We decided that it must be designated for women and their dogs, because that’s mostly what we came across. We could tell that there was a storm coming in, so we didn’t hang around too long.

One discovery that I made was my new branch! You’ll see Terry holding it (and looking bewildered). I’m so excited that I finally found one just laying on the ground. No, I didn’t violate the forest by breaking or cutting off a branch. I was determined to find one that God had already chosen for me. For those of you who don’t remember, see my inspiration here from Santiagos restaurant in Bisbee. I’ve also seen them in magazines. Here’s what I’m thinking…I’ll hang it over the sofa in the living room and display an ever-changing art exhibit or other decorating items there. Think photos, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, postcards, fall leaves, etc. I need to clean it up a bit, but I think it will be PERFECT! I’ll post a picture once I get it up there. My loving husband was even willing to give up the trunk so we could get it home. It barely fit, but we made it with all the luggage in the back seat.

Later in the afternoon and into the evening we were blessed with a wonderful storm with thunder and lightening and all. Thank you God!

West Fork Trail
On Sunday we enjoyed a nearly perfect day of gorgeous weather, hiking the West Fork of Oak Creek. I don’t remember ever going on this trail before, and I don’t know why. It’s so beautiful. Considering the fact that this trail has a parking lot all it’s own, you can imagine how crowded it might get. The good news is that I think the storm the day before scared everyone away, so traffic on the path was relatively light. The photo of the stone wall is in an area with several decaying walls and buildings near the beginning of the trail. There’s also an abandoned fireplace hearth, chicken coop and an apple orchard nearby. I’d love to hear the story behind these remains. Let me know if anyone knows it.

We also got a nice little treat in seeing this little bunch of reddish pink maple leaves…and so the season begins…can’t wait!

And the reflection of the red rocks in the creek is simply spectacular. Click to enlarge these. They’re much better in full screen.

And last but not least, Terry stopped the car for me on the way out of town so I could get some photos of the moon over the red rocks. I love taking pictures at this time of day, when it looks to the naked eye like it’s too dark for them to turn out. It’s amazing how much light the camera can capture.

Overall it was a precious weekend with my honey.

4 thoughts on “Autumn in Sedona – nearly perfection!

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  3. West Fork is one of my most favorite hikes! I’ve hiked it several times and love every moment! I was told that Clark Gable and Carol Lombard loved that the Oak Creek area and would come often in the 40’s and swim in the swim pool… near the apple trees as you end the trail.Gorgeous pics Nancy!


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