Prescott Sanctuary
This weekend we were able to get away from the heat and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing time with friends in Prescott. Check out Linda’s blog for more pics and talk about the trip as well.

Although 80+ degrees may not seem too cool for those of you who live outside of Arizona, Prescott temperatures run about 10 to 20 degrees cooler (or more) than Phoenix in the summer. And though its September, which feels like the beginning of fall in most places, we’re still definitely in summer. I think today was probably one of the first days below 100 degrees in a long long time.

Needless to say, it felt good to enjoy the cool breezes, gorgeous sunsets, night skies filled with stars, and even a light rainstorm in the mountains. Several times I found myself standing still, closing my eyes, and just drinking in God’s awesome beauty that was all around me. The smells, sounds, sights and touch of the cool breezes were just incredible! Not that I hadn’t been there before, but just that I had not realized how much I missed it.

Weekends like this are so revitalizing to me. I’m so thankful for the chances we have to get away and enjoy God’s creation.

There were other gifts this weekend as well. Getting reacquainted with old friends is always such a blessing…good food, good company, stories, laughter, smiles, and even comfortable silence.

The cabin we were staying at also had a peaceful Prayer Garden on the shady hillside to enjoy. There were several sitting areas with stones engraved with places in the world to remember in prayer…China, Bosnia, Ephesus and others. Our hosts are involved in missions and this was a great reminder that even if we aren’t able to go to other parts of the world, we can still pray for them and those who do go.

And the last treat I’ll share about was the pile of guest books that were at the cabin, filled with names of visitors that have been there since they bought the cabin in 1979 and started entertaining angels. This cabin has been such a blessing and retreat for so many folks. What a gift that our hosts have been to the weary in their world.

It was so fun to look back and find an entry when Terry and I had visited in January of 1982, which would have been early in our marriage before Amy & Kevin were born. In fact I was pregnant with Amy at the time! Wow! It’s hard to even imagine that they weren’t part of our lives at one time.

So, there’s more stories to tell of this precious weekend, but they’ll have to wait for another day…

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  1. Found you through Linda T’s blog. Gorgeous pictures – especially the birdbath and the blue bench ones.I always sign those guestbooks you find in cottages, B&B’s etc. And I always find them entertaining to read.


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