This saying is on a sign we have hanging on our wall at home and it’s such a precious truth to me. In this day of commuter families, mobile societies, and shallow relationships we are so blessed to still be in touch with many “old” cherished friends.

Last night we were privileged to be able to spend time with a small group of them. These friends, in particular, are some of the folks that we’ve known since high school and college age. Most of the guys all played in a one of the most popular Christian rock bands in Phoenix (Glory Road) during that era. They were HOT!!! (O.k. so I may be a little prejudiced, since I married the leader.) Dave and Rand were in other groups that were equally excellent.

The awesome thing is that many of these guys have stayed active in music in one form or another, so we can continue to enjoy their gifts as well as support and encourage them in what they give back to others. This was such a night. Dave and his wife Kathrin live in Tucson and in the last few years, started a band called Late Rain. When we found out that they would be playing here in Phoenix at a coffeehouse, called The Music Corner, we marked our calendars for a chance to hear them.

We also used it as an excuse to get a few of us (eastside folks) together for dinner beforehand. It had been way too long, so we really enjoyed our time of food & fellowship together with Rob, Toni and John, then headed for the concert. We were sad that Kim didn’t make it…maybe next time.
The concert was beautiful! Every song, every harmony & instrument expressed the hearts of the musicians. I personally loved Dave’s guitar playing and the cello added so much too. The lyrics (by Dave) were sometimes heartbreaking, but always inspiring. What a gift God has given him. I’m glad we had the treat of being there.

Here are a few pics from the concert and afterward and a link to some more photos of the evening. Enjoy!

I think the guys were talking about the fact that Terry’s the only one with short hair. You can’t see Rand’s, but it’s down close to his waist. Mine used to be the longest, now they all beat me out. Interesting, huh? Yeah, I guess even though they’re all very responsible citizens and work full time “regular” jobs, they’re just still a bunch of hippies at heart…and I love that about them. It’s so amazing to be with people who are comfortable with who God created them to be and don’t try to put on masks or pretend they’re something else. I love the way we can accept each other just the way we are and can laugh together in the good times and cry together in the hard times. What a GIFT God has given us. It’s priceless and I hope we never forget how special it is!!!! Thank you God for the gift of friends. They give us a glimpse into your perfect love for each of us.

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