Looking forward to the Four Season Aviara Resort

I was cleaning up some of my photo files this weekend and realized that I didn’t post anything that I took at Carlsbad, CA (Four Seasons resort) a few weeks ago. Here are a few favorites. The first is the view from the lobby’s floor to ceiling window.

The 2nd is the centerpiece in the lobby that’s changed out every week. They just put in the hydrangeas the day we were leaving and they were gorgeous! They’re one of my favorite flowers. Do you think we could get them for my funeral some day? Blue and purple are my very favorite!

The 3rd is of the massive outdoor fireplace where I expect we will have some memorable gatherings with our friends at the Getaway in November. There are two just like this. Terry and I enjoyed sitting out there under the stars in the cool night air. We saw a few shooting stars and I could have fallen asleep right there. It was so quiet and relaxing. I’d love to have one just like it (o.k. maybe a little smaller) in our backyard.

O.k., I think that’s finally it for posting today. I posted several times, so be sure to continue reading on for the new stuff.

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