Consider this under the “Things you don’t see every day category”.

Just a few bits of fun while we’re here in So Cal!

Yesterday we drove from Phx to Mira Mesa (just inland from La Jolla). On the way we came through Gila Bend, AZ (the Crossroads of the Southwest) and Terry told me that in the early 70’s his Bourgade High School Basketball & Cross Country teams used to stop at the Space Age Lodge restaurant for dinner on the way back from their games & meets. You’re probably wondering “Where in the world were those games?” Ajo, AZ – That’s about all I can tell you, because I don’t think I’ve ever been to Ajo. Anyway, I LOVE this sign and the place is still open & running! It’s so mid-century! When I get home I want to convert the pic to black & white. It just seems appropriate.

After we got settled in our hotel, we relaxed for a little while (and Terry took a nap), then went down to La Jolla for dinner and some wandering. While we were there we saw some great sights.
First this guy came walking up from the beach in his wetsuit carrying what looked like a harpoon and a huge sea bass. Looked like he was going to have a great dinner with enough to share with friends.

We also saw a few sea lions and one got out on a rock right by where we were standing. Isn’t it gorgeous? They’re so fun to watch.

Later we walked a few hundred yards down the beach and were able to watch these harbor seals coming out of the water for the night. They’re so cute. I can see why they call the babies pups, because they’re just that adorable!

Later we visited several galleries, including the Morrison Hotel Gallery, which is full of photos of famous musicians. Some are from album sittings and others are just casual shots taken by well known photographers. Check out this one of John Lennon.

Now we’re at the Four Seasons Resort. The room is beautiful, especially the luxurious bathroom with a deep soaking tub and separate shower. While we were sitting here, a member of the staff just brought in a bottle of Evian and 5 fresh apricots. We didn’t order these, my assumption is that they’re from the sales staff that we’ll be meeting with tomorrow. It’s a nice touch, huh? Too bad we just had some snacks and are planning to go out to dinner with Don & Carol tonight. Oh, well, we’ll take them home & enjoy them.

Today we wandered around an arts & crafts fair and I picked up some snazzy new earrings. I also came across a booth of MJ’s Ornaments. These are similar to the site I ordered from last year, but I don’t think it’s the same person. MJ makes custom personalized ornaments with photos that you send to her. I was very inspired. Her prices aren’t bad, but I’d love to learn how to do this myself. Linda, we need to figure out who can teach us how to do this!
So we had quite a variety of adventures this weekend. It was a blast! Hope you enjoyed the recap.

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  1. Glad to hear you are having a great time and thanks for sharing with us. It is fun to see beautiful places that I have never been and what neat thinks you have found along the way. Enjoy!


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