Another one of our talented friends:
(I worked with Allen for a few years when we lived in California.)

Here’s a message he wanted me to pass along to my friends. That’s you.

I wanted to send out this general message to everyone to publish the fact that I will be returning to television beginning this fall. Some of you know that I am the Producer for the nationally-syndicated remodeling show, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford ®. Our tenth season of airing nationally kicks off the first week of October and I will be co-hosting the show. You can check out the company web site at and click on the “Today’s Homeowner” link on the far left side to see a list of the 9th season shows.
I also wanted to send out this message to see if anyone out there would like to submit a video question to be shown on the show. One of the new elements I’m incorporating into the 10th season is a segment called “Ask Danny.” Homeowners from across the country will send in a video (it can be a Windows Media File emailed to me) asking Danny a simple question on the trials of home ownership, such as why can’t I keep mold off the bathroom ceiling or how can I save more on my energy bill, etc. I can email anyone an example showing you the first question of the 10th season from Jan Prouty of Irvine, KY (by way of Mobile, AL).
At any rate, if you could spread the word among your friends, I’d love to start processing some of these questions right away. For those whose questions are used on the air, we’ll be sending you a Today’s Homeowner cap or T-shirt. So get your camcorders out and tape a question (must be under 10 seconds) and email it to me at !

Please tune in for the show. You can check the local listings for your area on our web site, too. Or, if it doesn’t come on wherever you happen to live, we’ll be having the full episodes online the week after they air nationally.

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