07/07/07 My “Lucky” Day

So did you get caught in the hype of yesterday’s date? Here are just a few of the things that happened yesterday.

Tony Parker & Eva Longoria, as well as Wolfgang Puck and thousands of other couples were wed making it the most popular wedding day EVER. (Those husbands have no excuse for forgetting an anniversary.)

Pregnant women SCHEDULED their babies to be born yesterday. (Somehow this feels a little too much like playing God.)

Tens of thousands of gamblers looked for lady luck in the casinos, lotteries and back room poker tables around the country (and the world, I suppose). Our own Casino Arizona has declared 2007 the year of luck and has plastered the 07/07/07 on billboards and commercials since early in the year. They gave away some great prizes yesterday and my sources say they drove by the place and there was a traffic jam of people trying to get in…not my idea of a fun day.

The NEW Seven Wonders of the World were announced.

The Hotel Monaco in Portland even cashed in on the date….and the list goes on…

So you’re probably wondering why this matters to me. Well all those things really don’t (matter to me). I just happened to celebrate my birthday yesterday and I happen to be the mature age of 7 times 7 on 07/07/07, which was kinda fun. (Did God think of that so long ago when he was planning the details of my life? Hey this will be cool, check it out! You know that He’s totally concerned about the details that we don’t even notice.)

Anyway, we had a little celebration with a small group of dear dear friends, including Amy & Andrew. My boss calls them “way backs”. Those are the friends we have from way back that are so precious to our lives. Everyone at the table (except A & A) we have known for nearly 30 years or more, which was awesome!

We had a great steak dinner, cooked mostly by my wonderful husband and shared a fun relaxing evening. I also got some special gifts as you’ll see in these pics (click to enlarge). Amy gave me the super soft and comfy tan afghan that I’d been begging for since she started crocheting.

Terry gave me a photography book and the cool camera bag that works like a sling bag so I can wear it on my back then slide it around to easily get my camera out when I need it. Oh, and some dark chocolate. He also promised to buy me (us) a new bed. Now mind you, until now, we have been using the same wooden platform from an old waterbed that we bought when I was pregnant with Amy in 1982, so I am VERY excited to say the least. I need your input though. I really want to get a metal bed and still need to do some shopping, but I love this one from Pottery Barn, especially the cool glass doorknob type finials on each post. It reminds me of something my grandmother may have had. Tell me which finish you like and do you think the glass finials are too much? I’m still looking, but so far I like it a lot.

My other friends gave me lots of thoughtful gifts that fit me perfectly…scrapping supplies & magazines, a picture frame, tote bag, and wire “clamming” basket to add to my coastal decor. Linda even found this unique and earth-friendly “cyclone purse” made from a recycled Ohio license plate. (I’m from Ohio, in case you didn’t know.) You’ll see that it sells for $59 online, but she scored an amazing deal (because she’s the best shopper ever!)

After dinner many in the group swam in the pool and a few of the guys washed and put away all the dishes! What a gift that was to not have to wake up to those today. Are they great friends or WHAT?

All in all it was a pretty much perfect day…except Kevin didn’t get to be here with us. He would have had fun and kept us all entertained, I’m sure…oh well, maybe next year for the big 5-0. We’ll see where he’s stationed then.

Oh yeah, and I bought 7 Powerball Lottery tickets at my mother’s prompting and didn’t even get one number to match. Not that I was really expecting anything, but it would have been fun to win a couple bucks and would have made a great story. As Linda says, “It’s all about the story!”

BTW, here are a few other interesting tidbits about the number “7”. (77 tidbits, in fact).

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  1. sounds like a splendid birthday indeed — congrats on the big 7×7:) sometimes, and by sometimes i mean most times, there’s little better celebration than quality time with quality friends. (by the way, it was over 100 degrees in portland today — i was so happy, i nearly cried. hope you’re soaking up all that lovely az heat in my stead).


  2. Such a wonderful celebration with the dearest friends ever! Randy & I are sooo thankful to be blessed with such precious life-long friends!!Hey, I just posted purse pics!!


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