Here are a few treasures that I picked up when I was in Ohio to add to my coastal themed home in the desert.

Click on the pic of the towels to see the close-up. They had a different hand towel for each day of the week…all with a beach theme. They were awesome! I wish I could have bought them all.

I found the towels and the “Sailing” sign at the same store, where I also ran into a woman that I went through school with. Her name was Sandy Lane and she remembered me after more than 30 years! How crazy is that! Talk about a small town! It was so strange.

I found the divided wooden box at the candle store where I also found these candles and votive holders. It’s hard to tell from the picture how nice the blues are, but I love the colors.

We also found these vintage Ohio notecards at an antique shop and some old Vermilion postcards as well. I love the notecards with the sailboats on it and the one with the barn too. I may have to frame those and hang them up.

I’m looking forward to finding more “beachy” treasures when we go down the Oregon coast on vacation in July. Can’t wait!!!

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  1. hey, hear that you and terry might be passing through these parts sometime soon? be sure to give me a holler if you guys have any time to say hello!


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