Home again, home again jiggety jig…

Last night I arrived home after about 4 days in Ohio visiting my brother, Pat, with my two sisters. We realized that our last trip with our mom happened about the same time last year, so we’re thinking that this needs to become an annual affair in early June. My mom didn’t come along this time because this trip was kind of short notice and she wouldn’t have had time to prepare. We’ll plan another one with her in the coming months.

I’ll post a few of my favorite pics tonight, then do more later. Look closer at the one with the “Gone to the Beach” sign. The lamp base is filled with beach glass! You can’t really tell the size from the picture, but the globe is about the size of a basketball.

We stayed at my Aunt Eleanor’s cottage just about 100 steps from Lake Erie and I took bunches of pics of the place trying to capture a bit of the feeling that I get when I’m there. Time seems to stand still in that little corner of the world and we all look forward to that. We enjoyed every minute including drives around town, thunderstorms every day, walks on the beach, finding shells and beach glass, visits from cousins and aunts, delicious strawberry shortcake, fresh Lake Erie Perch dinners, amazing beefsteak tomatoes sliced and eaten with just a little salt & pepper, running into old friends from high school, and helping our brother find a new place to live.

If you look closely at the picture of the beach stones that I took after one of the storms, you’ll see dozens of tiny shells, a bit of beach glass, some sandstone (orange) and the black shale that we often used as natural blackboards for writing and drawing while lounging on the beach.

We also visited my nephew, Jason and his two adorable children Jaret & Justine.

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  1. aw-you guys look like you had such a good time…my mom said you took a TON of pics!and by the way…nope-i’m not rich at all…just lucky enough to get a really low monthly payment! 😉


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