More from Greer…
Check out the cowboy that rode with us when we went horseback riding. He was quite a story teller and reminded me of Paul Newman.
And this pic of Andy trying to maneuver two fishing poles.
Last, but not least, Sharon, Jay & Terry reading in bed. Don’t ask. It was all very respectable.


It looks like we can expect 100+ degrees pretty much from here on out, so that means summer’s here…and we still don’t have our vacation scheduled. We’re trying to trade our timeshare for some places, but can’t seem to get what we want in the timeframe we want. We have quite a variety of locations that we’re looking for…near Banff, near Yellowstone, Aspen or Estes Park Colorado, even Washington DC, but no luck yet.

I’m starting to get desperate, although I need to be patient. This time of year I tend to get restless if we don’t have anything pinned down to get out of town for an extended break. Strange thing is that I was out of town the last two weekends, but there’s just something about looking forward to a week or more to relax away from the desert. I don’t even really need to be leaving right away. I just need to know that we have something booked so I can anticipate it’s coming. It’s like Christmas…half the fun is in the expectation of what’s in store.

The thing is that I get all these travel newsletters with all kinds of deals to go to Scotland or Greece or New Zealand for amazing prices and it’s driving me crazy. Of course, we can’t afford to go to those places, at least not this year. We’re hoping to do a Hawaii cruise with friends next year so we’re trying to be somewhat conservative this year. Anyway, I’m starting to look for deals in case we don’t get a timeshare week when/where we want.
I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with…

This sign was hanging on a front porch in Hannigan’s Meadow in the White Mountains of Arizona. I just thought it was cute.

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  1. That sign is amazing. Though I’m sure you’re already aware, DC has a reputation for being unbearable during the summertime — and the slow environmental demise of the Potomac River surely can’t add to the atmosphere. I cast my vote for Y-stone or Banff.


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