Greer Getaway!

But alas, no luck yet on an exchange for our timeshare. We’re looking for space in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana or in Canada near Banff. We’re being picky about locations though and are a little bit limited on dates. Pray that we’ll get news soon about where and when, so we can begin dreaming about it and planning. If we get a 2-bedroom place we may be able to invite friends to come too.

Good news though! We will be going on a mini-vacation at the end of the month for 4 days to Greer Lodge Cabins. We’ll be staying in the cabin (above) for much of the time with 3 other couples and 2 kids. Awesome! It looks like we’ll be expecting average high temps around 60 and lows around 30. The way things have been with the weather, and with our track record for road trips, we could even get snow! Brrrr!!!! Don’t pack away the warm clothes yet! Oh man, I need to buy a jacket. I have no idea where I’ll find one in Phoenix in April. hmmmm. I have a heavy one but nothing in the mid-weight range. I guess I’ll just have to wear layers.

I’m really looking forward to relaxing, hiking, maybe some writing, reading, being with dear friends and just enjoying the great outdoors. And if the Suns Playoffs are on, we’ll be sure to watch those as well.

Of course, I’ll take lots of pics too. In fact, I was supposed to get a new tripod for Christmas but I haven’t picked one out yet. Maybe I can find one before we go. That would be great.

Here are some pics from the last time we were up there in 2004. It’s a gorgeous area. The last time we were there I was trying to figure out how we could have Amy & Andrew’s wedding up there. Of course, it didn’t work out, but would have been fun (except the drive).

The same group is going this time, but Randy & Linda are also joining us…wahoo!! It’s amazing how God worked it out so Randy could have Sunday off!! Isn’t He good? We’ve all been very busy these last few months, so this is a much-needed break from our schedules.

Click on this one of the bark and leaves and check out how the bark look like pieces of a puzzle. It was very interesting.

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