The Cat is alive and well!

Shhhh, don’t let my “parents” know that I did this. I heard my “mom” and “dad” talking and they said some of you thought I was dead, so I thought I’d better post a quick note to let you know I’m alive and kicking (or at least alive and breathing).

While I’m here I thought I’d post a few pics to let you know what my day normally looks like.

This Longaberger basket is where I sleep at night. It sits right at the foot of the bed between “mom” & “dad”. I know it’s an expensive bed for a cat, but my dad kept getting mad because I was laying on top of his legs to keep warm in the middle of the night. He’d get so frustrated that he would accidentally kick me off the bed. I’m sure he didn’t mean it, because he was half asleep, so I’d just climb back up on his legs after he got settled again. My mom thought it might be a good idea to help me find a warm place to sleep (besides dad’s legs) so she bought several regular cat beds, but I just couldn’t settle into them. I don’t know, they were just scary and kinda lumpy and seemed so ordinary. Finally she remembered that I used to climb into the mail basket a lot so she tried out this one and I LOVED IT! What a smart lady she is. Anyway, this is my comfy cozy spot at night.

This winter I also started sleeping up between mom and dad once in a while when I know they’re not going to roll over on me and sometimes when mom gets up in the morning, she leaves the covers on top of me and I get to snuggle under the blankets until I’m ready to get up.

The blue and white bench is my afternoon or evening spot where I sleep when mom and dad are in the family room. I like to be in the same room with them, so this is a good place where I can keep an eye on both of them to make sure I can get up quickly to follow them if they leave the room.

This red throw rug is a new favorite. I like to scrunch it up and wrap it around me during the day when mom and dad are gone. But be careful. You might trip on it when you come in the door.

And this last pic is just a shot to let you know what I look like when I just wake up or I’m a little grouchy. Don’t mess with me then!

So the only thing left are my 3 other favorite times of day. Dinner time around 5:30 when Dad comes home from work and I harrass him until he feeds me. Then when mom sits down on the sofa in the evening I do a cute little trick by laying perfectly still and looking pathetic next to her until she gives me a few treats. She loves when I do that!

Oh yeah and bedtime which is around 10:00. I’m always there to get up and wait in the hallway to let them know that it’s time to go to bed if they forget.

So that’s pretty much my life: eat, sleep, nap, sleep, eat, and sleep. Don’t you wish you were the Shred Head?

10 thoughts on “The Cat is alive and well!

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  2. I remember staying at your house before heading up to Whistler to meet you guys and my dad could never remember your cats name… so we just made up different names for it – Thrasher, Chomper, Gasher… we laughed.


  3. You gotta love The Shredder!Great post Nancy!… I mean Shredder!Such cute pics! Could he be any cuter!I hope he lives on for many, many years… you know, like waaay more than 9 lives!


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