A perfect Easter holiday:

We went to Open Door Fellowship to church to worship in song, celebrate the resurrection and see several dear people baptized. The place was packed!!! Standing room only. How cool!

After church Amy & Andrew came over (doesn’t he look handsome in his beard?).

We gave them their Easter “bucket”. I haven’t given up giving the “kids” Easter baskets yet (even though they’re not kids anymore)…cuz it’s just fun to shop for them. I mailed Kevin’s earlier this week. We missed having Kevin there with us but we did call him and visit for a little while. I’ll be glad when he has a little more freedom to be able to come and visit us once in a while. We really miss him!

See Amy’s new Leandro Barbosa Birthday T-shirt? Fun! Terry just told me that he heard the reason the Suns don’t have an LB jersey at the store is because it sold out so fast. They didn’t anticipate the high demand for his jersey. What were they thinking!!! He’s just so sweet!

We watched the Suns beat the Lakers then had a delicious dinner with ham, fresh vegetables and scallops all cooked on the grill. Oh and the scallops were grilled on sprigs of rosemary…mmmm. Terry is becoming quite the grill chef. I love that he’s trying new recipes and our meals are so much healthier and tastier cooked that way. I could eat grilled veggies with a little bit of olive oil and lemon pepper every day! I couldn’t get Terry to look at the camera, but doesn’t he look great in that blue?

The weather was so nice that we sat out on the back patio to eat. It was a gorgeous breezy afternoon!

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  1. I did know that Uncle Terry works for them (my mom told me actually). The President’s house is amazing! Yup-got the job through the babysitting company. It’s getting me some good connections!


  2. Oh Nancy, love your Easter pics!! Great colors!The food is incredible! My jaws are aching!I got to get some of your grilling recipes!How fun that Terry is Mr. Grill Man! He needs to inspire my Randy!


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