It’s discouraging when I post news and don’t get any comments. Is it because no one’s reading or just not interested? I guess it’s my own fault since I’ve been too busy to post much. Things are looking up at work though and I’m praying that things will quiet down in the coming weeks. If so, I should have more energy and time for things at home, family, friends and other ministry, and church…

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  1. Sorry that I haven’t stopped by lately… I have been so busy but now I have time to catch up with my blogging buddies and I am glad that I stopped by because I always feel blessed when I leave. HAPPY EASTER !


  2. Hi Nancy,First timer here so I’m a little nervous. Thanks for being such a awesome friend and I love reading your blog. You are a fantastic photographer,I can never wait to see what you’ve posted next. I will be praying for the 4 day work week. Having a little more free time myself lately has made a world of difference.Love Laurie


  3. What a wonderful post about your daughter Amy! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on her, as her Mom.What more could we desire for our children… but for them to be dependent on the Lord and to be all that the Lord has created them to be! And what an added blessing for Amy to have found Andrew to share in that journey.You & Terry have much to be thankful for!


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