Wow!!! Our little girl is now a quarter of a century old!!! Of course, that makes her sound really ancient, but we all know that life is just beginning at 25.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. Amy Teegan is our first born and only girl. She was the first grandchild and the first girl born in 3 generations on her dad’s side, so needless to say there were many attempts to spoil her. I think overall, considering she had 15 or so aunts and uncles, plus grandparents, she did pretty well.

I’m so thankful that she’s part of our family. I love the fact that she’s always been independent, even as a toddler. I love that she doesn’t let the world around her dictate her likes and dislikes. She’s always felt comfortable with a style of her own. She was never ashamed to buy and wear thrift store clothes and hand-me-downs and never worried about name brands or the latest trends.

Amy has always been very smart & creative in so many ways. She started reading very early and to this day, always enjoys a good book over almost anything else. In elementary school she skipped 3rd grade, did some amazing artwork and she & a neighbor friend created a newsletter just for our street. At a young age she became interested in acting and singing through our church kids’ programs and continued that into high school and beyond. She even had fun doing a small part on a TV show (with her uncle’s connections). It was always a joy for me to watch her perform. I LOVE listening to her sing and watching her act. She comes alive when she’s on stage.

It’s so sweet that although she tries to pretend that she’s tough, she’s so sensitive to the things around her and actually cries very easily (like her mom).

I cherish the fact that she and her brother, Kevin, are and have always been best friends (except for a year or so in Jr. High). I love that she’s his biggest fan, loves to brag about him and isn’t afraid to show that she loves him.

I’m thrilled that she has found a wonderful husband to share her life with. Andrew is such a sweet guy and he adores her. I look forward to seeing where God will be taking them in their adventures in life.

I love that she sets goals for herself and meets those goals. (like getting a master’s degree in English)

I’m so glad that she lets me hang out with her sometimes and that we get to scrapbook together with a few friends once a month or so. I truly cherish the times that we have together because I know that they may not always be so often or they may not always live so close.
Amy is a treasure to me and I’m so proud to say that she’s my daughter.

Oh and did I mention that she’s becoming an amazing photographer? She’s also a huge Phoenix Suns fan (like her parents) and that makes her dad, very happy!

Be sure to go to her blog and check out her photos and wish her a happy birthday!!!


3 thoughts on “HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY AMY !!!!

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  2. We had dinner with Amy and Andrew for her birthday Monday night and she commented that we didn’t include Andrew’s name in the post so I added it.Happy Birthday, Ame


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