Southwest Gardner in Phoenix just released their new class list for spring. I’d love to go to the Mosaic Birdbath class… This picture isn’t from the class, but just my vision of what it might look like, based on their description.

They’re also offering a 5-day tour of gardens in Southern California. If you’re an avid gardner or even a photographer, this is a dream tour. I’ve been to a few of the spots that they mention, like the Huntington Library and the Getty Villa in Malibu (before it was remodeled).

The image below is one I took of the Japanese Gardens at the Huntington Library a few years ago. They are both amazing places to enjoy God’s creation., some magnificent artwork and beautiful Southern Cal. If the other locations are anything like those two, the tour could be breath-taking.

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  1. nancy, your photography skills are truly enviable. i support any efforts you make to go to pretty places, if only because it guarantees that we’ll get to see some amazing pictures thereafter:)


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