Scrapping Room:

As you may have noticed, my posting has slowed down. This seems to happen when I’m gearing up for a big event at work. We have a 4 day retreat coming up with 35 couples coming March 1.

I’m coordinating the event so there’s lots still to do. So I’ll be a bit distracted over the next few weeks.

I did want to show everyone a sneak peek of my scrapping room that I’m setting up. The first picture is before (well it wasn’t really that bad. I embellished a little, but you get the idea).

The next picture is about halfway there. I love all the fun Ikea organizers on the wall and am having fun filling them up. I found the clear topped tins online. I’ll post later where I got them…great prices!

I’m about 3/4 of the way done now, hoping to finish this weekend, then I’ll post the final product. I’m very excited! There’s even enough room to set up a 2nd table if someone comes over to scrap with me.

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  1. You’re all invited to come and scrap anytime. Too bad we can’t all fit in there at one time.Linda, Yes, be sure to take before and after pics. It’s so satisfying to see the progress after all the hard work.


  2. I LOVE what you did with the magnetic strips!!!I am so going to steal that idea!Great scrap room!After the initial shock of realizing that Miranda is moving soon… I am now excited about getting all the rooms DONE! Painting, carpet, scrap room, guest room… I have to remember to take ‘before’ pics!


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