Six Unusual Things About Me:

O.k., Linda tagged me so here goes. Mine are not nearly as funny as hers, but then I’m not nearly as funny as she is either.

In thinking about these 6 things, I realize what a boring life I’ve led. Nothing really dramatic or exciting…just always plugging along. Even when we asked my mom to tell stories about each of her kids, she couldn’t come up with anything very interesting for me…just that I was always a good kid and never got into much trouble. Of course, if you knew my family, that’s UNUSUAL !!! So I guess you can say that I’m the white sheep among mostly black sheep (in some ways). Not that I’m perfect in any way, just very different from the rest of my 5 siblings. (I must say that I’m thankful for God’s hand on my life in protecting me from a lot of pain in that way.)

1. I don’t like foods with unusual textures. For example; I don’t like mushrooms because they remind me of earlobes (don’t ask). I don’t like oysters or clams or mussels because they’re too slimy or rubbery. I don’t mind the taste of mushrooms or clams, and will eat things with them in it. I just don’t like big chunks because then I feel the texture.

2. I go back to bed in the morning after I take a shower. It started when my hair was really long and I would take a shower, then lay down for a few minutes with a towel on my head. I did it so my hair would dry a little to save time in blow-drying. Now my hair’s shorter and there’s no real need to do it, I just enjoy climbing back into my cozy bed and snoozing for 20 minutes or so before I get up for the day.

3. I’ve never had a broken bone or stitches for any reason other than when I got my tonsils out (when I was 13) and when I had my children. It probably goes back to that boring life I lead or I’d like to think it’s because I’m careful and wise and all that.

4. I grew up in a family of 8 in a very small (probably 1000 square feet) house with one bathroom and 3 small bedrooms. My parents slept in the living room, with a sliding door to close it off at night. We had indoor/outdoor carpeting in the living room, and my mom painted the floors in the rest of the house. We didn’t have closets or doors in the two bedrooms upstairs because my dad never got around to putting them in. We had one small wall off the kitchen where the phone was hanging, where we actually wrote down people’s phone numbers and names ON THE WALL. I always knew when we were low on money when my mom would serve us powdered milk. Looking back at how we survived back then, it reminds me of how blessed we are with so many material things now. Much more than we really need. The good thing is that my mom never let us believe that we were poor or lacking in anything, so I never realized that we were different from anyone else. She always loved and encouraged us in everything we did.

5. When I was young my parents didn’t wrap our Christmas presents (due to lack of time and privacy). They just set them out in the living room on Christmas eve after we went to bed, in groups according to which child they were for. When I got old enough to learn how to wrap, I would wrap everyone’s presents, except my own and my mom would wrap those. It was so much better to keep the suspense for a little longer and take time to unwrap things. Amazing that I knew what everyone else was getting, but don’t remember them ever asking me or me telling them what was coming.

6. Birthdays are a big deal to me. Not that I have to get big gifts or anything, just a card or a reminder that someone remembered that the day is special is good. It’s probably because of growing up in a big family and the fact that my sister’s birthday is the day after mine. She was born July 8, 1957 and I was born 1 year later, but 5 minutes before midnight on July 7, 1958. My mom always said that I refused to be born on her birthday. AMEN! Unfortunately, I had to share birthdays with her all the time anyway. My parents couldn’t afford two separate parties, so we always had to celebrate together when we were young.

So that’s the 6 that I came up with. Probably not really much about me now, but…there it is.

Gotta get to work…I’ll figure out who I’ll tag later.

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  1. Great stuff Nancy, thanks for sharing!My parents didn’t wrap our gifts either…. just set them out before we came out on Christmas Eve.I still can’t believe that we too, a family of 8, had only one bathroom! Of course, we had a two-seater outhouse! Which helped!


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