Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers.

My mom’s doing better! She had a long night last night with a bad headache and nausea (probably from the anesthesia or the pain medication) but as of mid-day, those symptoms are nearly gone and she’s been able to have a reasonable amount of food and keep it down.

She’s resting well, so now we’ll just wait for tests to come back on Monday that may help the doctors know what caused it and if any other steps are necessary to prevent it from happening again.

She’s looking forward to getting better and back home…hopefully by Monday or Tuesday.

The photo is in honor of her “road to recovery”. I took it in the Rose Garden at Butchart Gardens last year. She loves roses!

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  1. My mom walked into the house tongight and the first thing she says is “Grandma is wonder woman”…I have to agree she is amazing. I’m just so happy she’s doing well.


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