A Life remembered…

We just got back from a memorial service for the father of our friend, John. Although the rest of the service was tragically devoid of any mention of God, and was full of lots of “self-sufficient” statements, John did a beautiful job of sharing the wonderful story of his dad’s life. He’s such a gifted story teller and knows how to truly capture the essence of a person.

The service made me think about a few things:

1. John mentioned that his dad made a list after his first wife died of 10 things he wanted to do before he died. It made me think…what would I put on a list like that? A couple of little things that I thought of right away. I’d love to take a ride in a hot air balloon and take a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the snow (and take pictures of both). Can you imagine what cool pics you could get? I’ll have to think about the other eight…alot of them would probably have to do with places I’d like to go…like Ireland and Australia…we’ll see about the rest.

2. John also read from journals that his dad had hand-written back in the 40’s when he was a young man and in World War II. It was so special to hear how “swell” life was for him back then. It made me realize that I should be journaling more. I’ve already been thinking about this and am using my blogging for some of my journals, but want to start adding more, just because someday my grandkids and great grandkids may have fun reading what Grandma was thinking about.

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  1. Wow, I have been having some of those same thoughts since the service…Let’s be sure to keep each other accountable to those things that we want to do before it’s too late.


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