As usual…I have way too much to blog about and not enough time…sigh

Check out this awesome job that our son-in-law (Andrew) did in framing this poster that we got on vacation in Washington last summer. We decided that we’re going to get lots of pictures of places that we’ve been to hang up in our office and other rooms. It will be a wonderful reminder of the fun we had and the beautiful creation that we’ve been able to enjoy. Generally we like photographs, because man-made art just can’t capture all the beauty. We like these posters though, because they’re kind of nostalgic in style but still beautiful reminders of the place. The artist, Paul Lanquist has done some great work. After seeing what a great job Andrew did in framing this one, we ordered 4 more last night. Take a look at the Pacific Coast Highway, Sequoia Trees, Mount McKinley Cabin and Yellowstone Falls. Those are the ones we ordered and we’ve been all those places. How fun! Can’t wait to get them. (Thanks Andrew for making this one look so awesome!)

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