Precious Poses

My sister brought over some old photos today. I thought these were especially precious.

The black & white one is of my oldest brother & sister, Rusty & Diane in 1955. He had some kind of boyhood mishap that gave him the big scab on his nose. For some reason my mom has a bunch of pictures of him with that. Crazy huh? Diane ended up to be 5 foot tall and Rusty was over 6 foot. You wouldn’t know it from this picture.

The next ones are of the cousins on my side of the family. Left back to front: Hope, Amy, Heather, Lisa. Right back to front: Russell, Kevin, Nick. They’re all college age or older now. Most of these guys were together today for my mom’s 83rd birthday party. I think she was really honored that they were there…more on that later.

The last one is some of the same cousins. Kevin, Lisa, Nick & Amy. Kevin and Nick were only a few months apart but Kevin was always several inches taller than Nick.

You HAVE to open these up and look at them closer. Amy’s hair and expressions in both of them is hilarious. Kevin’s smile in the last one is so cute. Well, they’re all so cute. It’s so much fun to look back at these different ages! What a blessing!


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