Bisbee’s treasures old and new…

In early December Terry and I went to Bisbee, AZ for the first time ever to celebrate our anniversary. For those who don’t know, it’s an old mining town and in its heyday was one of the biggest cities in the West.

This Old West mining camp was one of the world’s richest minerals sites, producing nearly 3 million ounces of gold and over 8 billion pounds of copper. By the early 1900’s Bisbee’s 20,000 population made it the largest and most cultured city between St. Louis and San Francisco.

Today Bisbee is an artist community known for its antiques, galleries, community theatre, historic homes etc.

I have plenty of pics of the sleepy little town, our cool B & B room and it’s cute old buildings and will write more about our weekend, but for now wanted to show you some of the treasures that we uncovered there. Two of them are from a current artist and the others are vintage pieces that I look forward to finding a place for in my house.

In one of the Antique stores there were boxes and boxes of vintage postcards, which reminded me of the collection that my Aunt Eleanor has of antique postcards of Ohio. She let me borrow one of the beach in Vermilion where I learned to swim. I made a color copy (enlarged) of it and gave one to each of my brothers and sisters. I have mine somewhere. I need to frame it, when I track it down. It brings back wonderful childhood memories. The ones I bought in Bisbee were from places where we’ve visited at various times. I’m thinking I’ll probably use them in some of my scrapbook vacation pages, but not sure..any ideas?

I especially love the Christmas postcard. Simple design and even writing on the back. It was postmarked in 1920!

The turqouise blue glass jar was in an antique shop. I just liked the color and thought it would have a lot of uses.

The two heart-shaped pieces below are new from a local Bisbee artist (I’m guessing). I just loved the details and the lapis stone is such a gorgeous blue. One is the size of a large Christmas ornament and the smaller one on the right is a lapel pin.

And do you know what’s best of all? Except for the postcards, which I paid for myself, I got all of them as Christmas gifts from Terry. I picked them out, he paid for them and wrapped them. Funny thing is, I had totally forgotten about them with December being so busy. So every time I opened one, what a great surprise it was!

What a sweet husband I have! He’s a keeper.

2 thoughts on “Bisbee’s treasures old and new…

  1. Hi!So for some reason I didn’t get the evite you sent for Grandma’s party on Saturday. I will definately be there, but I’m not sure about Davis. He is picking up his new truck that day, but he doesn’t know what time. He’ll try to make it though. See you on Saturday! Let me know if there’s anything I can bring/help with!


  2. What a great idea to collect old postcards… such history… and especially with the writing in the back!I’m going to starting looking for old cards back home in WI… of places that look how I remembered them looking growing up. I’ve never thought of doing that! Thanks Nancy!Love lapis stones too.


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