Sometimes real life is so glaring that it can’t be ignored…

I know that the blogging world is supposed to be a happy place, where we talk about people and things that we love and fun activites and our beautiful world, but something reality creeps in and things are not so rosy as we’d like to think. This was one of those weeks…

I have tons of happy celebrations, thoughts, dreams, friends and family gatherings that I could write about, but just couldn’t pretend that everything was peachy and ignore that we got some very sad news this week. Our son, Kevin and daughter-in-law, Erin are separated and planning to get divorced.

It wasn’t a complete surprise since we were aware that they were struggling and trying to work on the issues over the last months, but the finality of the decision was still very painful for everyone.

As parents we never want to see our children hurting. We want to shield them and protect them from all harm. We want to bandage their wounds and make it all better, but as they become adults it’s not our job to do that anymore. We have to let go and allow them to make their own decisions, no matter how painful they might be. We have to trust that God is truly in control, even though we can’t immediately see the good in the situation.

These last months have been ones of testing for us in that regard…but we’re hanging on…and still trusting…

This is a picture of Erin from last Christmas. Doesn’t she have a beautiful smile? It matches her heart! We love her and will dearly miss her!

Goodbyes are never easy…but we’ll continue to keep in touch with her.

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  1. We feel the pain, Nancy. This year has been difficult for all, but we know our God is faithful and He is working things for our good and His glory.We rest there. Stay in touch!


  2. I’m sorry for your loss. Pain does take away from the glimmer and joy, especially during the holidays. But thank goodness we can have HOPE. I saw your blog through Linda’s. Happy New Year.


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