Christmas Visits

Bits of news:

Just wanted everyone to know that we’re still alive. It’s killing me to check everyone’s blog and see how much cool stuff is being posted. I’ve just been too busy to post myself, but I know how boring it is to keep checking back to see nothing new (hint to Randy and Don).

As mentioned before, our son Kevin is home from Air Force training. His wife, Erin and their dog, Afton arrived on Dec 10th. As you can see from the pic below, Afton is a lovable dog. They taught her how to carry her dish outside to be fed. Very cute! She’s very smart and still really just a puppy at about a year old. Unfortunately smart dogs often get into trouble. A few days ago she jumped the 6-7 foot fence in our backyard when we were all gone and proceeded to run around to the brand new front door and scratch it up trying to get into the house. Kinda good news that it’s actually being replaced again due to some unrelated issues. Sad news is that the people who are replacing it were planning to use it as their own front door and now it’s scratched up. We haven’t quite decided what to do about it. Amy blogged about Kevin trying to find Afton a new home and they’ve found someone to take her in Apache Junction. They have 2 acres, another dog and 3 kids, which will probably be just about perfect to keep a smart dog like her busy and entertained. I think she’ll be happy in her new home.

Last Sunday part of our scrapping bunch got together to work and had the joy of having Erin join us. Miranda had a big project to work on, so she was plowing through. Erin has just started to scrap recently, so I let her use some of my supplies and she got several cute pages done. Linda and I were just too tired from the busy month to scrap, so we spent time looking at all the photos from her birthday party…another blogging opportunity delayed or missed.

Well, that’s all I have time for…there’s still grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, cooking, wrapping, etc. and we’re celebrating Christmas with our Perkins family tonight! Hopefully I can post tons of stuff after Christmas.

If I don’t post again before, please enjoy a Christmas filled with the love of family and friends!

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