Christmas tree shopping and gelato

I know that I’m really behind on blogging and there are things that have happened before this, but I decided that this is what I want to blog right now. I’ll go back and do other things, like our anniversary trip and other recent activities later.
Tuesday, Dec 12, Terry, Kevin, Erin and I finally found time in our busy schedules to go Christmas tree shopping. Since we’ve only been in the house for 2 Christmases we don’t really have a favorite spot to buy trees. We visited a few places and finally ended up at the Home Depot tree lot. Since it was only 13 days before Christmas, the trees were pretty picked over. A lady at the lot told us that they were out of Noble firs and weren’t expected to get more in at all…disappointing. We’ve bought Douglas and other types of trees in the past, but do like the look of the Noble, if the price is within reason.
We were persistent and stayed at the lot anyway, spread out and started to look at the trees. We checked out a few Douglas firs, all of which were very flat on at least one side and hard to picture what they would look like IF the branches fell back in place. Erin was poked in the eye by one of the needles, which REALLY hurts! You’ll notice in the picture of the three of them that it made her eyes water until the lot guy gave her some eye drops.
After some searching, Terry saw what looked like a beautiful Noble fir! How could that be? Well, upon further examination we realized that it was TOPLESS! You can see from the picture that the top foot or 18 inches was chopped off. Besides that glaring flaw, it was fresh and beautiful. So we gathered around and laughed at it. For anyone who knows Kevin, you know that he has a tender heart for the underdogs and the helpless, hopeless ones of the world and this was no exception. Somewhat joking and somewhat serious we all stood there wondering how we could top it off and give this headless tree a home. Several ideas surfaced, but we were still laughing about it when the lot guy joined us.
Lot guy: “So you’re looking at my topless tree huh?”
Us: “Yeah” (laughs all around)
Lot guy: “How about if I make you a deal? That tree would normally be $58. How about if I give it to you for $20.”
Terry: (more laughs, but considering the money he’d save) “Hmmm…I don’t know…it doesn’t have a top. What do you think guys?”
Kevin & Erin: “I’m sure we could figure out something for the top. How about a bird and nest or something?”
Nancy: Are you kidding?
Lot Guy: “O.k. how about if I give it to you for FREE?”
Now he’s talking Terry’s language!
Terry’s sold on the price, Kevin and Erin are sold on the Charlie Brown factor, so everyone looks at me…they know I get the final say because, after all, I’m in charge of the decorating and I’m not sure this tree is really salvageable.
Imagine the look your kids gave you the first time they asked for a kitten…
Long pause…
“…O.K. fine. We can get it. It’ll make a great story for my blog and besides if it really doesn’t work, we’re not losing anything but our time.”
So once we had our “special” tree secure in the car, we decided to head for The Gelato Spot, (the dessert lounge of Italy) my new favorite place, to celebrate our great find.
If you haven’t been to one fo these places, you HAVE to go! It’s amazing stuff! Much better than ice cream!
The funny thing is that when we were there, I was taking pictures and the girl behind the counter asked, “Are you from out of town?”
It was then that Kevin decided I should be called the “Tourist of Life”. Blogging and Scrap-booking will do that to you. It’s amazing how you look at things differently when your’re thinking with the perspective of capturing memories. What fun!
So after we enjoyed our gelato, we headed home to set up the tree.

Check out the picture of Terry when we were decorating the tree. We don’t remember what was wrong but there was obviously something that he didn’t like. He got over it though.

Erin had a great idea to put silk poinsettias at the top of the tree to hide the missing piece. We also interspersed some others throughout to balance it out and I must say, with the lights and decorations, it looks beautiful! What an awesome find and fun, creative solution!

3 thoughts on “Christmas tree shopping and gelato

  1. Yeah, what a great story and what a beautiful tree! Reminds me of the story about the “little, ugly” Christmas tree left behind – an old man who cannot afford to buy one gets it for free since nobody would buy it anyway. The old man makes it the most beautiful tree in town – for it was decorated with all the love and joy one can imagine… It’s a very lovely Christmas story and I would immediately send it to you, but unfortunately the narration is in German… Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!


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