Remodeling – the good, the bad and the ugly

For anyone who calls us friends, if you EVER hear us talking about having work done on the house before a big event or a holiday, PLEASE tell us we’re insane and DON’T let us do it!

This is what our house looks like right now. We just had 2 new doors, 4 new windows and new trim around 7 other windows and doors installed. It seemed like a small enough job and the workers did almost everything last week, so that was great!

The sad part is that we decided we would do all the trim painting ourselves (to save hundreds of dollars-a good thing). Now we don’t have time to get the painting done (a bad thing) and therefore can’t put up any Christmas decorations until we do (an ugly thing).

The house is all torn up from moving furniture away from the work areas, the floors are filthy from the construction work and there’s that thin layer of dust on everything! I spent most of the day Saturday cleaning all the windows and Sunday prepping and taping for painting.

Fortunately Kevin didn’t have to go in to the recruiter on Monday so he got most of the priming done. Now all we need to do is paint 7 door and window trims. I will try to get motivated when I come home from work tonight, but it’s kind of crazy to try to paint after the sun goes down. You can’t see well and tend to miss a lot…but we’ll see. It seems to be our only option. We’re also going out of town this weekend for our anniversary, so we can’t do it then either.

I’m getting frustrated and depressed that my house looks like this right now. I want to take time off work to get it done, but also want to save my vacation time for vacation. This reminds me of two years ago when we moved from our rental house to this house the day after Christmas. That was a crazy year as well.

I don’t want to complain because at least we were able to have the work done and it will be beautiful when it’s all finished! I’m sad because I don’t have enough time at home to take care of what needs to be taken care of…especially this time of year. Next time, we’ll know to wait until after the holidays are past. It was a stupid decision to do it now.

3 thoughts on “Remodeling – the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Maybe if you had told me that you were doing more than just a new door… I would have surely said “You’re crazy!!!”What a bummer… and nothing ever goes as planned… always little glitches along the way… probably why I dread replacing my original carpet from 1979!! Sounds too much like moving… and at my age I am easily overwhelmed!


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