Creative People!

I have been so blessed to rub shoulders with many creative people in my life. I love the creative arts, but have probably a thimble full of creativity and talent compared to most of these people. Check out their work and enjoy the gifts that God gave them!!!

Randy and Linda Thompson are dear friends and Randy’s the worship pastor at our church. We’ve known them for almost 30 years. Yes, he’s that old, even though he doesn’t look it. Check out Randy’s site and come to his concert if you can. You won’t regret it. The rest of the family, Linda, Shawn, Miranda and Tyler are very gifted as well! You’ll see links to some of their blogs at the right.

Dave Argentati is a friend that we’ve known since the late 70’s. We lost track of each other for a while, but now we’ve reconnected. He was in a band with Terry and played an awesome steel guitar as well as other things. He’s still writing and performing. You’ll also see that our old friend and amazing guitar and bass player, Greg Williams is on his recordings.

Obadiah Parker is a musical trio that are friends with my daughter, Amy. They sang at Amy & Andrew’s wedding and Matt wrote an amazing song just for them. Love ’em!!

Scott Crozier
has been my friend since elementary school. It’s hard to see all of his creative talents from his blog, but believe me, he’s a gifted musician, writer and artist!

Craig Yoe – I had the privilege of getting to know Craig when I was 15 years old as a new Christian in Ohio. He was arrested for preaching in the streets at that time. He’s a wild man, as you’ll see from his web site!!! He (with God’s help) was actually responsible for telling me about Hand in Hand when we moved to Arizona, so he’s indirectly responsible for me meeting my husband and the basic course of my life and he doesn’t even know it. Crazy, how God works, huh?

Our daughter, Amy is a wonderfully gifted photographer, scrap booker, vocalist, and actress. I look forward to seeing where God takes her with her gifts and talents.

Our son, Kevin has been blessed with an amazing gift for comedy. He also plays guitar and bass, has a wonderful tenor voice and loves to write.

My husband, Terry is a gifted musician. He plays guitar, bass, mandolin, a little bit of banjo and a mean harmonica. He doesn’t have a website or blog, but some day, I hope to post a song or two that he’s played and/or arranged.

There’s more for this list, but I’m on my way out the door so I’ll have to stop here for now. Enjoy!!

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