Old Photos of Me

I finally set up my new photo scanner. Here’s the first test photo. The original pic isn’t very clear and is an old Polaroid so I don’t know (yet) how to improve the color, if I can at all.

This is a picture that my friend, Ernie found and gave back to me when we met him and Joanna for dinner in July. I don’t remember ever seeing this picture before. I don’t know where it was taken and I don’t know who’s car I was sitting on. It has an AA bumper sticker on the back so it could be my dad’s car, I’m not sure. The back of the picture says it was taken Dec 29, 1973, which means I was 15 and in the middle of my sophomore year of high school. This was one of my most favorite dresses. I usually don’t get very attached to clothes, but this one I really loved! I think it was considered to be a “midi” which means that it came to about mid-calf. I went through the eras of the mini, the micro-mini, midi and maxi…every length of dress you could imagine.

Anyway…more old pictures to come! This will be fun! Can I have a month off work to play with my pictures, please?

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