Phoenix Storm

We had an incredible storm today! It even took the weathermen by surprise. We don’t normally have storms in the morning during monsoon season, but this was right around 9 a.m. and it was totally amazing.

Take a look at this tree! I’m not sure the exact cause, but it was in our office parking lot and was either struck by lightening or blown apart by the wind. Either way it was quite twisted and damaged. Apparently there was a car parked under it when it happened. The rain was coming down in buckets and several people were also stranded in their cars because they tried to cross washes that were too deep…stupid people. Someone’s home was struck by lightening in the east valley and caught on fire…very sad. I immediately thought that if our house caught on fire I’d probably lose all my pictures. That would be REALLY sad for me…all those fun pictures of family and friends gone… Well, I’d better get busy getting copies to Amy so she has my backups and vice versa.

Speaking of preserving pictures, my brother Pat has been here several times over the last few weeks bringing all of his pictures so we can store them for him while he goes on his next adventure. He plans to ride his bike along the gulf coast from Corpus Cristi, TX to Fort Meyers, FL. Yes, he’s really gonna do it!

He leaves 1 week from today. Oh my brother, Pat…that’s a very long story…maybe I’ll get into it another day…I’m too tired now. I’m going to relax a little…

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