The flurries are past…

It looks like the initial flurry of blog posts have died down since several of my friends must be either too busy or already bored with their new blogs. I guess I’ll attribute it to the start of the school year for many. It doesn’t impact us too much since the kids are grown and out of the house. We won’t see as much of our daughter Amy and her husband Andrew, because she starts back to ASU this week working on her Master’s, but then we don’t see them enough anyway.

I’ve added some friend’s blog links on the right. Take a look at Antje’s. She’s got some links to some of her great photography. She’s my friend (and former boss’s wife) from California and both are originally from Germany. She’s so sweet. I’m glad she keeps in touch once in a while since Uli’s not so good at it. Sometime I’ll have to write about Uli. He’s a kick! He was very kind to me when I worked for him. I treasure their friendship.

I’m going to a photography workshop this weekend! I can’t wait! These are the guys who are teaching.

BOB KRIST: World-renowned photographer Bob Krist is frequently on assignment for magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian and Islands. He serves as a contributing editor for both National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer. With his travel photographs he’s earned awards in competitions like Pictures of the Year, Communication Arts and World Press Photo. He’s also been named “Travel Photographer of the Year” by the Society of American Travel Writers. One of his photography books, “Tuscany,” spent a month on the New York Times bestseller list. Share in his expertise of all seven continents, their photographic offerings and the techniques that have made Krist so successful.

BRUCE DALE: With over two thousand photographs published by National Geographic alone, Bruce Dale’s vision and creativity have twice earned him the title “Magazine Photographer of the Year.” Dale has photographed in over 75 countries throughout the world and the world itself, on board the NASA Voyager spacecraft. His innovative work with digital imaging has earned him honors from the Smithsonian Institution. A unique, coveted style of natural spontaneity serves as a signature to his photos. In the field, Dale exemplifies patience, problem-solving ability and experience in working with “real people” and, accordingly, can teach how to create astounding images.

…Pretty impressive, huh? So next week, my pics should be absolutely amazing…just kidding-give me a few weeks…I can tell you that I’ll be even more ready to travel once I’m done though…not that I could be any more ready than I already am. We started a top 10 list of places that we want to go soon…not too exotic yet, and some we’ve already been to, but some places we liked enough to want to go back and stay longer. Here’s the list at this moment in no particular order…it changes often.

  • Australia/New Zealand (can’t go all that way to just one of them)
  • Ireland/England/Scotland
  • Germany, well most of Europe
  • New England in the Fall
  • Hawaii (I’ve been there, but Terry never has…I’d like to go back too)
  • Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park, Glacier National Park
  • Mediterranean region
  • Florida/Key West, etc.
  • Alaska again…some friends just moved to Kodiak Island!
  • Terry wants to go down the Amazon, but that’s pretty far down on MY list, like 100

Oh, the photo is just another awesome Arizona sunset taken tonight.

2 thoughts on “The flurries are past…

  1. I like the list… I have one of my own. I will have to post those on my blog spacetoo… The european/united kingdom destinations are on my list, as well as Australia and New Zealand… good luck with the photography class.


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