Washington Vacation

So 3 posts in one week! That’s a bit scary. I’m sitting here waiting for a photo card to print, which takes a little while, so I thought I’d post another little bit. I’m surprised that this wasn’t my first subject since it’s been so recently and we had such an awesome time. Here are just a couple of pics from our recent vacation in the Pacific Northwest. It’s really hard to post JUST a few pics because I took about 800. Well, I got a new digital SLR camera a few weeks before we left and there was so much gorgeous scenery that I went a little crazy. If you want to see some of my favorites you can click the link on the right of this page for more photos. Warning there are LOTS of pictures of nature, flowers, mountains, etc…my favorite subjects, but you can leave the website whenever you get tired of looking at them and I’ll never even know.

This first picture is of our friends Paul and Jane. Paul is pastor of the Grace Brethren Church in Mabton, WA. He was also our pastor at Placerita Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, CA about 8-10 years ago and we fell in love with both of them and their sweet spirits and fun nature. We spent the first few days of our vacation with them at Mount Rainier and in Mabton. It was great fun and we were sad to leave them. We’ll definitely go back before another 8 years passes by and hopefully they’ll come to visit us soon as well.

Here’s one of Terry and me at Butchart Gardens near Victoria, BC, Canada.

The next photo is called the Sunken Gardens and it’s there as well. This is an amazing place with millions of flowers, plants, fountains, streams, gardens, etc.

If you’re ever in the general vicinity of Vancouver Island it’s definitely worth making a detour to go there, ESPECIALLY if you’re a flower lover.

One strange thing on this trip was the fact that this was the first long vacation that Terry and I have taken since the kids moved out, so it was kind of odd that (besides the 4 friends that we saw in the first few days and the last day) he was my only familiar human photo subject for most of the trip. Plus we had to ask strangers to take our picture if we wanted any of us together, so of the 800 that I took, I’m guessing that less than 50 have people in them.

O.k. last photo for now. On the last night of our trip we had dinner and a great visit with Ernie and Johanna. Aren’t they a cute couple? Ernie was an old friend from Vermilion High school. Well actually, to be more precise, he was an old boyfriend from high school. Yeah, it was a little strange for Terry and I’m sure for Johanna, but they were good sports and we really had a great evening catching up on where life has taken all of us over the last 30+ years.

We also got to share news about all of our children, who are pretty much grown now.

We had an awesome meal of seafood at Salty’s on the Columbia river. Unfortunately it was during a very hot spell in Portland and they didn’t have A/C, but the food was delicious and our waiter was a kick. You would think he owned the place! He was great. We also got a beautiful twilight view of Multnomah Falls…another place not to be missed.

So those are the highlights of most of my people pictures from our trip. Maybe soon I’ll fill you in on another series of encounters with Frank and Rosemary from Chandler, AZ but that will have to wait for another day…

2 thoughts on “Washington Vacation

  1. Hi Nancy. I made my font larger so I hope you can see it. Let me know if it should be any bigger. Also, I know of lots of shops and fun things you can do. Let me know where your staying and I can tell you what’s in the area or at least near by.


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