Arizona Summer Clouds

So it’s Saturday and I have a bazillion things to do, but am deciding to do this. I’m feeling creative today and don’t feel like cleaning or organizing. I may go to the Arizona Home and Building Expo later to get some inspiration for the house and the landscaping, but Terry’s working in the yard now so hopefully we’ll go later.

One of the things that I’ve grown to love about Arizona is the monsoon season. Sounds crazy, but it’s one of the few times that we get to see any reasonable amount of clouds.

It’s also one of the few times of the year where we have any consistent potential for rain with some great thunder and lightening in the storms. Although they’re different, they remind me of the storms in Ohio. Maybe I’ll have a chance to get some storm photos soon. I’ve been admiring the clouds every night on my way home from work, but never had my camera with me. I finally took these pictures the other night from the car on our way from north Phoenix to Tempe.

I really love the clouds that we get to see this time of year!

I remember when I was young…11 or 12, when I had a pony named Midget (yeah I know) …anyway, my friend Nyoka (she was part American Indian from Oklahoma) and I would ride our horses without saddles out through the fields. We would lay back and look up at the clouds trying to imagine shapes like animals, people, objects.

We had so much fun letting our imaginations go wild for what seemed like hours…What a great way to enjoy the lazy days of summer as a kid! Maybe that’s why I like clouds so much.

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